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Herd of cows | Herdify

How marketing spreads / Data for Bluffers #11

Why do some campaigns work and others fail? How does your product type influence how you should target your marketing activity?

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How to grow eCommerce market share without increasing ad spend

To increase your market share, you have to increase your spend, right? Well, it’s certainly one method, but if you tap into the power of word-of-mouth, you can increase ROI while keeping your budget where it is.

Herd of sheep | Herdify

The science behind how our opinions are formed / Data for Bluffers #10

Do you think your customers make their decisions based on the great creative or product features? Listen to Tom and Ed discuss how people do in fact make decisions and how you can influence them.

Herd of cows | Herdify

What can Kevin Bacon teach you about marketing? / Data for Bluffers #9

What can Kevin Bacon teach you about marketing? Why does William the Conqueror being your not-so-distant relative can give you a leg up in the way you reach new customers? It’s all about 6 Degrees of Separation…

Do something great | Herdify

How subscription businesses such as Spotify, Hello Fresh or Xero could smash their growth targets with Herdify

Herdify have been working with many UK-based subscription businesses, and all have the same problem. They had experienced strong growth but were witnessing declining organic traffic and diminishing returns from the advertising spend. In short, they were spending more and getting less.

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How to use intent data to grow ROI and sales

Understanding when a potential customer is ready to buy is crucial to any business – big or small. This blog looks at how you can use intent data to grow your ROI and boost sales.

Herd of sheep | Herdify

What can marketing learn from pandemic modelling? / Data for Bluffers #8

How can the R number we heard so much about during the pandemic drive your marketing strategy? Why are the groups your customers hang out in so important to understand?

Herd of cows | Herdify

What is bias? / Data for Bluffers #7

Learn how writing a pub quiz can make you better at marketing as Tom and Ed discuss how bias can be good and bad when it comes to data in sales and marketing.


Life after cookies and the cold start problem

Our love/hate relationship with cookies is about to end, so how will we be able to identify our new customers? Listen to the Fuel podcast to find out.

Herd of cows | Herdify

What is AI? / Data for bluffers #6

It’s time we settle this once and for all…maybe. This week Tom and Ed get to the bottom of the question “what is AI?”

Herd of deer | Herdify

If you are looking at intent data, are you too late? / Data for bluffers #5

If you are looking at intent data, are you too late? All this and more, presented by Tom Ridges and Dr Ed Barter.

Herd of elephants

How to acquire customers like a unicorn / Data for bluffers #4

We’re back with an early start to 2022. This week Tom end Ed discuss how to growth teams can use the tactics that led the likes of Slack, LinkedIn, and Facebook to acquire their massive customer base as we discuss the book, “The Cold Start Problem” by Andrew Chen.

Friends in conversation | Herdify

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