Life after cookies and the cold start problem

Our love/hate relationship with cookies is about to end, so how will we be able to identify our new customers?

Fear not! Our CEO, Tom Ridges, appeared on The Fuel Podcast to talk about:

  • A post cookie world
  • How to analyse sales data to predict where your next best customers are
  • How GDlabs can help agencies identify and track sales for their clients

Using a ground-breaking AI and data science combination, Tom’s team have turned the whole problem on its head.

Herdify has developed a solution that doesn’t rely on packets of data.

Instead, the Herdify platform takes all your existing customer data and tells you where you should target your sales for growth.

"Frankly, it's awesome, and if you work in business development and listen to this show, you'll have bragging rights for months in any discussion about where we go after cookies have been outlawed."

Keith Smith, the Fuel Podcast Tweet

In a tight 45-minutes, Tom gives a non-sciency data explanation of how your agency can stay ahead of the pack and give your client a best-of-breed solution.

In this show, Fuel discuss:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data advantages
  • The timeline for the end of cookies
  • The alternatives to cookies and why surveillance and intent marketing doesn’t work
  • The democratisation of customer data
  • Big data versus little data
  • Why it’s essential to be ahead of the curve
  • Where to look for your next new clients and customers


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