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Imagine you’re on the holiday of a lifetime on safari. Leopards, lions, buffalo, elephants and rhinos are all on your must-see list.

But you’re a tourist and don’t know where to look. So, you hire a local guide that offers wildlife tracking, reading the landscape to locate animals.

In much the same way, we’re the guides tracking word-of-mouth.

It’s a competitive world out there. You started your ecommerce business because you believed you had something different to offer. But you’re struggling to cut through the noise. And there’s a lot of it.

We get it. That’s why we work exclusively with leaders who are looking to inject some excitement, innovation and vision into their marketing strategy. With an astonishing 60% of ad spend being wasted today, it’s time for a new approach.

We identify and target offline social networks linked to your customers. And we do that because word-of-mouth converts five times faster than other targeting methods, thanks to the power of the herd.

Led by our founder Tom Ridges, a former technology strategist from Microsoft, we’ve spent 15 years working with leading data scientists, including Dr Tim Drye, who sits on the board of the ONS, to craft our technique.

We help you predict where your next best customers are, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover a previously untapped area of marketing influence.

That means more conversations, more sales and more influence, all without increasing your budget.

Take the first step today.

Why Herdify?

We are Herdify.

What does that mean? Simply, we amplify herd behaviour to influence more sales for you.

What inspired our name?

Herd: to act as if in a herd; to mimic actions of a leader or each other apparently without thought.
Heard: to gain information; to listen to with attention.
Amplify: to increase volume and amplitude; to make something more marked or intense.

Our mission: to influence and amplify herd behaviour, driving more sales for you.

We’re a mixed bunch, all experts in our fields, with shared values that we extend to each area of the business

The big one? A genuine desire to bring something new to market that will really make a difference to our customers and their brand journey.

Tom Ridges


My fascination with human influence started after I got off the metro in Paris with my fiancé (now wife!) and was looking for something good to eat (I didn’t want to waste a meal slot on a bad one!).

When I looked at all the review apps there were what felt like 100 restaurants with five stars in my immediate vicinity. Confusion entailed. This started me on a windy path on recommendations, word-of-mouth and influence that culminated in me founding Herdify.

The best word-of-mouth recommendation I’ve ever received: Funnily enough, it’s food related from the same trip. We were told about a little restaurant and arrived early as advised. It looked run down and was in a weird neighbourhood, but as locals in Porches and other luxury cars started arriving, we thought we might be in for something special. We were. It still sits as one of my top five meals in my life.

When I’m not Herdify-ing I’m fathering, mountain biking, windsurfing or on the BBQ, generally trying to spend as much time outside as possible.

Ed Barter

Lead data scientist

Joining Herdify was the culmination of a decade spent researching across academia and industry. I’ve always been fascinated by why people behave the way they do and the influence we have on one-another.

This first drove me to research at the University of Bristol where my publications investigated topics such as what gives city neighbourhoods their distinctive vibes, the spread of diseases like COVID-19 and novel algorithms for the Internet of Things.

More recently I delivered data-science projects helping large financial institutions better understand their customers’ wants and needs.

At Herdify it’s my job to research and develop our models that sit behind the product, and the methods that ensure businesses can apply the outputs easily in your marketing.

The best word-of-mouth recommendation I’ve ever received: That it was worth giving Tinder a try. The second date was with the woman I married eight years later!

When I’m not Herdify-ing you’ll find me on my bike, struggling up a hill around Bristol (you can’t avoid them) or enjoying a well-earned pint at the top. At home I’ll be trying out something new in the kitchen, or cracking on with renovating our new house.

Victoria Murden

CMO & customer advocate

I joined Herdify from the other side of the fence, having spent 15 years in marketing for some of the world’s most-loved travel and hospitality businesses, including Travelzoo, BBC Studios and Red Carnation Hotels.

I was a client of Herdify and really believed in what the team were creating, so I decided to hop over the fence to join the MarTech world.

It’s my job to be the voice of our customers at all times, and I feel privileged to be able to champion the customer experience for fellow marketers. I hope to be able to say hello in person at a future event, or to welcome you as a guest on our podcast!

The best word-of-mouth recommendation I’ve ever received: That there’s a thriving market for second-hand wedding dresses, and it was ok to sell mine on… I definitely followed the herd (a few of my friends) on that one, and went on an epic month-long honeymoon to South America with the profits.

When I’m not Herdify-ing you’ll find me early-morning swimming, escaping with my Kindle and a glass of wine, cooking spicy food, trying to keep up with my toddler or planning my next big travel adventure.

Jonathan Hollis

Business development manager

I Joined Herdify after spending over a decade in Business Development, always providing Marketing and MarTech solutions, as well as review services for Trustpilot.

I’ve always loved being part of a solution that helps brands on their growth journey to ultimately reach their goals – which meant I was so excited to understand the role word-of-mouth plays for brands, as it always seemed to be the hidden piece of the marketing puzzle.

My role here is to hold the hands of our customers through that journey and help you maximise your growth, by understanding and targeting your brand’s hidden herd!

The best word-of-mouth recommendation I’ve ever received: Where I could buy new rugby boots with big discounts – I’ve saved a fortune over the years and it’s something I always tell my teammates about too.

When I’m not Herdify-ing you’ll find me playing rugby… barely now I’m over the hill (in playing years!), or trying to master my cooking skills. Failing that, the pub’s a safe bet!

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