Turn today’s conversations into tomorrow’s sales.

64 million people could be talking about you...

Discover and amplify the power of your offline brand conversations

95% of us follow the herd. We strongly believe in recommendations from those we trust, but two thirds of those are hidden in the offline world (the pub, the gym, in the office).

Powered by 15 years of data science research, we help ecommerce marketing leaders discover offline word-of-mouth conversations quickly, simply and cost effectively.

Why? So you can target audiences who are primed to listen to your message, meaning more word-of-mouth sales for your ecommerce business…
A bigger herd, if you will.

Find out how much word of mouth your missing. Easily connect your data for a free trial.

Word of mouth has existed since the dawn of time. Why now?

Reach and retain new customers

Target your sales and ads to communities where people are talking about and recommending your product.

Reduce wasted ad spend

We ignore 10,000 ads each day... Make your campaigns work harder by targeting warm prospects at the start of the buying journey.

Redefine your data strategy

Work with a GDPR compliant tool that’s not reliant on third-party cookies. We use first-party location sales data that allows us to model where WOM conversations are happening.

Strengthen brand reputation

Build brand trust and legacy by closely monitoring word-of-mouth buzz and creating more conversations.

Do something new!

We know how hard it is to bring something new to the boardroom table. This is the first platform of its kind that detects offline WOM. Let’s face it, if you continue to do the same thing, you’ll have the same problems.

Discover your herd

How to herd in 3 easy steps


Connect your sales data to our portal with an easy authentication link


Receive monthly AI-powered insights that tell you how much word-of-mouth your brand has


Connect our recommendations with your ad channels to target the areas where more brand conversations are happening

Questions? Our team are on hand to answer questions throughout the process

Stats into stories


Believe recommendations from friends and family over advertising.


More sales are driven by word-of-mouth than traditional ads

Offline WOM impressions stand at

14 billion per week

WOM can increase the
impact of paid media by



Of sales are driven by
word-of-mouth conversations


Of e-commerce traffic comes from organic google searches

It’s a noisy world…
we filter out

10,000 ADs per day

Easily connect your data

We’ve got friends in the right places…

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