Target offline word-of-mouth and amplify your sales

Over 60% of herd influence happens offline and can't be tracked... Until now.

The future of influence in 2023 | 1 November, 6pm

Join the Herdify team and some good friends as we look beyond social media to supercharge your marketing strategy, find new customers and boost your bottom line.

Humans are innately herd animals and 95% of us follow.

We know that marketing is fraught with uncertainty right now. Budgets are stretched; customers are spending less and trusting less.

The end of cookies is coming. Ad platform success is a mystery and customers are ignoring your ads. CAC is too high. We could go on…

Herdify helps marketers like you to activate herd behaviour and target offline influence. Direct your ad spend to where people are talking about your brand in the real world.

Find out how much word-of-mouth you’re missing. Easily connect your first-party data for a free audit.

The power of offline influence

Increase new customer numbers

Increase conversions

Reduce customer acquisitions costs

The future of marketing is word-of-mouth

Reach and retain new customers

Target your sales and ads to communities where people are talking about and recommending your product.

Reduce wasted ad spend

We ignore 10,000 ads each day. Make your campaigns work harder by targeting warm prospects at the start of the buying journey.

Strengthen brand reputation

Build brand trust and legacy by closely monitoring word-of-mouth (WOM) buzz and creating more conversations.

Redefine your data strategy

Work with a GDPR compliant tool that’s not reliant on third-party cookies. We use first-party location sales data that allows us to model where WOM conversations are happening.

Do something new

We know how hard it is to bring something new to the boardroom table. This is the first platform of its kind that detects offline WOM. Let’s face it, if you continue to do the same thing, you’ll have the same problems.

Hyper-target your ads for increased returns

How to herd in 3 easy steps


Upload your sales data to our SaaS portal - we connect with over 400 platforms.


Receive monthly insights that tell you WHEN and WHERE to target your ad spend.


Connect to your ad channels and target the places where you have most influence.

Questions? Our team are available (almost) 24/7.

Why offline word-of-mouth (WOM) targeting?

WOM is up to

200 times

more powerful than a paid media impression


of WoM happens offline


believe WOM recommendations over advertising

Targeting offline WOM increases ad spend ROI by


Getting started with Herdify

We will email you a sign-in​ link so we can connect to your data​

Schedule a call to run​ through the initial insights ​

Push data to marketing​ channels using preformatted data​ ​

Schedule a call to review​ early-stage performance ​

Easily connect your data

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